Courtesy of Benji Boko...

Fast rising Tru Thoughts producer Benji Boko is giving away his new single 'Where My Heart Is'.

Based in Brighton, Tru Thoughts have carved out a reputation for being ahead of the curve. Now the imprint has snatched up hot new producer Benji Boko for his forthcoming debut album.

Inspired by vintage hip hop, Benji Boko is an accomplished DJ whose quick mixing has earned praise from the likes of DJ Yoda. Working on his own material, the producer has recruited a crew of guest vocalists.

With his debut album almost complete, the producer has decided to give away a new single. Released as a free download, 'Where My Heart Is' features guest vocals from a very recognisable voice.

Faithless singer Maxi Jazz was left twiddling his thumbs when the dance giants parted company earlier this year. His smoky tones are known across the globe, thanks to a decade of success with Faithless.

Hooking up with Benji Boko the singer has added some vocals to 'Where My Heart Is'. Out now as a free download, fans can also stream the B-side 'Glider' with a physical release forthcoming.


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