'Russia With Love'

Quakers are giving away their new cut 'Russia With Love' featuring vocals from Coin Locker Kid.

Geoff Barrow has always admitted a debt to hip hop, but few expected him to jump feet first into the genre. Yet with new project Quakers that's exactly what the producer has done - and the results are something quite special.

Formed with two friends, Quakers have been building beats and working up tracks for some time. Set to release their debut album through Stones Throw next month, the trio are ready to give away a new track.

'Russia With Love' features production from 7-Stu-7, Katalyst and Fuzzface while Coin Locker Kid adds some rhymes. Seemingly uncovered via MySpace, the rapper is one of the less well known artists on the new album.

Perhaps that's why Quakers have decided to release the track. "When I made this beat, I knew who to send it to," explains Katalyst. "The track is in 7/8 and seemed like it might be a bit of a challenge, but Coin Locker Kid came up with the goods the first time round."

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Meanwhile, Quakers have also unveiled a new video which will act as a preview of the new album. Watch it below.

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