'Break You' and 'Goodbye'

It’s the Bank Holiday! It’s sunny outside! Time for some free music...

Ligers hail from London and openly confess to worshipping classic 60s cuts and Britpop. It’s an influence which is easy to discern – there’s a sharpness to their songwriting, a sense of brevity that can only derive from a time when guitar songs were short, sweet and catchy as hell.

Which leads us to the free download aspect of this here blog post. Ligers recently went back into the studio, and emerged clutching two pieces of music.

‘Break You’ and ‘Goodbye’ are both bittersweet pieces of glorious indie pop. Sure, it’s been done before but listen to the zest, the urging at work here. A band coming into their own, you can explore Ligers universe without spending a penny.



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