Cypress Hill master returns...
DJ Muggs

Cypress Hill lynchpin DJ Muggs is preparing his next move - download a taster exclusively on ClashMusic.

Famed for their lyrics, the MCs in Cypress Hill have always admitted their debt to DJ Muggs. A turntablist and producer for the group, it was Muggs - real name Lawrence Muggerud - who crafted the fugg-laden beats behind their classic output.

But times change. Cypress Hill hooked up with dubstep producer Rusko last year, adding a sense of bass weight to their sound before acknowledging their debt to reggae.

As ever, DJ Muggs was right at the forefront. The beatsmith led the way, re-connecting Cypress Hill with a generation they helped to inspire. Now the producer is ready to step out on his own.

Working on solo material, DJ Muggs recently hit the road with Modestep. Inspired, new free download track 'Breathe Slow' bears the impact of dubstep's gravitas. Containing rhymes from one time Roots rapper Rahzel, this is a skanking, digital age beast which nods towards glitch before indulging in a love of bass culture.

Listen to it now... Grab it HERE.

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DJ Muggs new album 'Bass For Your Face' will be released through Ultra Music on May 6th.


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