A preview of their new album...

Choir Of Young Believers are giving away new cut 'Sedated' ahead of upcoming album 'Rhine Gold'.

Choir Of Young Believers seemed to arrive as a fully formed package. Debut album 'This Is for the White in Your Eyes' was a wonderful fusion of classic songwriting and left field flourishes, matching the ghosts of Americana with something otherworldly.

Returning with a new effort, 'Rhine Gold' has a lot to live up to. Out on April 9th, Choir Of Young Believers manage to find new ground to build on without losing sight of what made their debut so intoxicating.

Ahead of the release, Choir Of Young Believers are giving away new track 'Sedated'. A beautifully evocative piece of songwriting, you can download the song below.

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ClashMusic tracked down songwriter Jannis Noya Makrigiannis recently, and the Danish artist obliged by giving us a Track by Track guide to 'Rhine Gold'. As a preview, here's what he made of 'Sedated'...

"It was the first song we recorded for the album and the arrangements were pretty much something we jammed and figured out along the way as we recorded it. Again, Nis and Aske were very stern and demanding, constantly screaming about this and that. For example, they wanted us to transpose the chorus...and so we did!"

'Rhine Gold' will be released on April 9th.

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