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Canadian producer Doldrums is sharing his new track 'She Is The Wave' ahead of his tour with Purity Ring.

Montreal's arts scene is bustling right now, fusing music and video to create brave new shapes. Doldrums has been on the cusp for a while, but an upcoming tour with 4AD signing Purity Ring might just thrust the producer into the spotlight.

Of course, his music might do that on its own. Adventurous electronics with flecks of warm, house derived textures Doldrums matches a left field streak with pop ambition. New single 'She Is The Wave' is due to be released on November 5th, but the producer has made it available as a free download.

Grab it in the following embed.

Need some more information?

Here's a quote from Airick Woodhead. “I got the beat for this song from my friend Guy Dallas - a fellow Toronto based noise musician-turned-hi fi house producer” Woodhead explains. “As soon as I heard his track the melody and everything just came instantly. Even though we both listen to a lot of European electronic music I feel like our take on it is unavoidably American. Like, no matter how much you dress up before you go out, you still got that deep stink. The lyrics are about my friend who is a force of nature.”

'She Is The Wave' is set to be released on November 5th. Upcoming Doldrums shows:


20 London Scala (w/ Purity Ring)

22 Brighton The Haunt (w/ Purity Ring)

23 Bristol Thekla (w/ Purity Ring)

24 Manchester Sound Control (w/ Purity Ring)

26 Leeds Hi Fi Club (w/ Purity Ring)

27 Glasgow Stereo (w/ Purity Ring)

28 Liverpool Kazimer (w/ Purity Ring)

29 Dublin Button Factory (w/ Purity Ring)

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