'Lesser Evil' due on February 25th

Doldrums is set to release his debut album 'Lesser Evil' on February 25th.

Part of Montreal's close knit DIY community, Doldrums came to wider attention via a series of mp3s earlier this year. Pastoral, hand made electronics, the producer seemed to match a psychedelic sensibility to his machinery.

Signing to Souterrain Transmissions, the producer began work on his debut album. The results are gathered on 'Lesser Evil' which is set to be released through the label on February 25th. New single 'She Is The Wave' is out now.

A sparkling collaboration with Guy Dallas, the dubbed out warehouse jam has already become Doldrums calling card.

Check out the video below.

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'Lesser Evil' is set to be released on February 25th.

Side A
She is the Wave (feat. Guy Dallas)
Holographic Sand Castles (feat. Sami Nacomi)

Side B
Singularity Acid Face
Lesser Evil
Golden Calf
Lost in Everyone
Painted Black


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