In case you thought it wasn't...

Flick through the pages of Clash, or click through the various links to be found on this site, and you'll soon enough learn that Clash is wholly down with contemporary rap shenanigans.

From A$AP Rocky to Action Bronson, Step Brothers to Danny Brown, Earl Sweatshirt to Mac Miller - we've been all over what's good in rap right now. And we're only continuing in the same vein throughout 2014.

DJ Yoda would also like to remind people that rap in 2014 is pretty damn decent. He's put together a mix to prove it, too. Which you can stream below...

Of the mix, Yoda says: "I wanted to do a mix to show fans of 'classic' or 'golden era' rap that there's plenty of incredible hip-hop coming out in 2014 - you just have to look a bit deeper than most of the commercial pop stuff! I've tried to let the songs breathe on this mix, and not add too many samples or scratches. It's just an hour of great beats and very skilled rhymes."

So check it out, why not. What else have you got on this afternoon? Nothing that can't wait an hour, we're sure. Tracklist as follows:

'Astonishing' - Marco Polo
'ODB' - Danny Brown
'Spiral Event' - Durag Dynasty
'Love Means' - Roc Marciano
'Wade In The Water' - Homeboy Sandman
'Sincerely Antique' - Roc Marciano
'Buzzing Away' - Step Brothers
'Control' - Big Sean
'Tender Greens' - Durag Dynasty
'Take Me Over' - Roc Marciano
'Y.N.T.' - Prodigy and Alchemist
'Heel Toe' - Action Bronson
'War Scars' - Roc Marciano
'More Wins' - Step Brothers
'Us 2 Da Man' - The Dopplegangaz
'Diagnosis' - Alchemist x Dr Romanelli
'Bruh Man' - Roc Marciano
'Ice Cream Man' - Roc Marciano
'Camouflage Unicorns' - N.O.R.E.
'It's Me' - Action Bronson & Party Supplies
'Built Pyramids' - N.O.R.E.
'Love Game' - Eminem
'Thank You' (Kid Capri remix) - Q-Tip & Busta Rhymes

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