Boiler Room session...

It's fair to say that Disclosure and Jessie Ware have a close relationship.

The brotherly production team stepped in to remix early single 'Running', a feat which propelled both to wider fame. Jessie Ware stepped in to guest on Disclosure's debut album, and when the time came to release 'Settle' the Mercury nominee was on hand to aid the celebrations.

Disclosure headlined a special Boiler Room session in Berlin and were joined by a number of special guests. Jessie Ware isn't one to miss out on a great party, and the Brixton talent dropped past to guest on 'Confess To Me'.

Rather than re-inventing the studio version Disclosure aim for subtle projection, moving forward in a manner which is patient, diligent. Jessie Ware's vocals are spot on, while her infectious persona looms large during the intimate session.

Watch it now.

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'Settle' is out now - check out a full interview with Disclosure HERE.


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