Barat & Co. Bow Out In Style

Indie heroes and former Clash Magazine cover stars Dirty Pretty Things have played what will be their last ever show together at London's Astoria 2 on December 20th.

Formed from the ashes of the mercurial Libertines, Dirty Pretty Things went on to enjoy huge success with their debut album 'Waterloo To Anywhere'. Debut single 'Bang Bang You're Dead' went on to score a Top Ten hit, as Barat's boys toured the nation eliciting pandemonium wherever they went.

However things have changed for the band, with Dirty Pretty Things announcing their split a few short weeks ago. The band took to the stage for their last ever show and plunged straight into fan's favourite 'Wondering'. Guitarist Anthony Rossomando said: "I just want to say thank you to everybody we've met over our short life – it's been a privilege."

The band saved their biggest hits to last, bowing out with 'You Fucking Love It'. All four band members took a bow with one another before Barat announced "thank you very much, we've been Dirty Pretty Things! Happy Christmas!"

Dirty Pretty Things played the following set at their last ever show:

'Doctor’s & Dealers'
'Buzzards And Crows'
'Bloodthirsty Bastards'
'Kicks Or Consumption'
'No Signal, No Battery'
'Best Face'
'Come Closer'
'Tired Of England'
'The Enemy'
'Chinese Dogs'
'Gentry Cove'
'Plastic Hearts'
'Blood On My Shoes'
'Last Of The Small Town Playboys'
'Gin & Milk'
'Truth Begins'
'Bang Bang You’re Dead'
'You Fucking Love It'

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