Producer to narrate

Florida bass maverick Diplo is set to narrate a new documentary about the Brazilian funk scene.

Florida is situated at the very tip of the United States, making it a haven for immigrants. The area's diverse mix of cultures has fed into its dance scene, with Florida bass merging music from around the world.

Perhaps the most high profile adherent of the scene is Diplo. The Florida bass head has travelled the world to find new tunes, recently taking a high profile holiday in Cuba to meet new producers.

Diplo has long been a notable fan of Brazilian funk, the style of house music played in South American clubs. Also called 'Baile Funk' it is notoriously linked to violence, leading to some authorities banning it altogether.

Harassed by the government, this true music of the people has nonetheless spread across the globe. A massive influence on Diplo's own production style, Baile Funk is an unrelenting beat strapped to the barest of melodies.

Now a new documentary is set to explore the genre. 'Favela On Blast' will be directed by Leandro HBL, although Diplo has a massive role to play.

Released via the producer's own Mad Decent imprint the film will be available on download and DVD. Containing guest appearances from Deize, Tigrona, Mr. Catra, and Duda Do Borell and more this could be a fascinating insight into South American street culture.

'Favela On Blast' is due to be released on July 20th. Watch the trailer below:


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