Free release coming soon

Diplo has posted a preview of his forthcoming free EP 'Express Yourself' - listen to it now.

Diplo remains in demand. Recently travelling to Brazil to check out progression in Baile Funk, the producer has been working on a variety of projects including some under his own name.

Announced on the Mad Decent blog, the producer has completed work on a new EP. Titled 'Express Yourself' the EP will be apparently be available as a free download, with appearances from Dancehall star Elephant Man, GTA and more.

Here's the blurb:

"Look out for Diplo's free "Express Yourself moombahton EP out soon featuring collaborations with Datsik, Sabi, Elephant Man, GTA, Excision, Nicky Da B, LAzer Disk, and Billy the Gent. Bird is the word."

Check out the preview mix below...

DIPLO express yourself EP sampler by diplo

- - -


Check out the photo which accompanies the EP. Is Diplo taking this too far? Following the furore over the cover for the Justice single 'On And On' the debate over misogynous attitudes in dance music is reaching new prominence.

Is advertising your music with scantily clad ladies appropriate? And how about Diplo's recent blog posting 'Diplo's Top 50 Hot Girl Tumblrs'?

At what point does self-conscious sexism become... sexism? Discuss in the comments.

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