J Mascis issues appeal
Dinosaur Jr

Dinosaur Jr frontman J Mascis is appealing for help after an over-zealous fan stole his guitar following a show in Eugene, Oregen.

What makes a fan steal from their hero? Earlier this year Grimes lost the bulk of her equipment following a theft at a Manchester show, while in rather more pleasing developments Sonic Youth recently recovered instruments stolen almost a decade ago.

Sadly, it seems that J Mascis is the latest musician to suffer from this form of hero worship. Dinosaur Jr recently performed in Eugene, Oregen but sadly an over-zealous fan departed with something you can't buy on the merch stall.

Posting a notice on Facebook, J Mascis appealed for help following the theft of his guitar.

"J MASCIS' GUITAR STOLEN IN EUGENE, OR: J's signature Squier Jazzmaster was stolen from the WOW Hall last night, October 11, during the Dinosaur Jr. show. The guitar looks like the attached image. Some characteristics that make this guitar unique: there is a dent in the neck, the pickups have no screws as they usually do and the action is currently set high. The guitar was in a soft gig bag. Please contact band@dinosaurjr.com or call 303-998-0001 if you have any information about this guitar."

Here's 'Watch The Corners'.


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