Singer pens provocative obituary

Diamanda Galas has penned a provocative obituary for late American singer Whitney Houston.

The death of Whitney Houston has prompted an enormous avalanche of mourning, with the Grammy awards featuring a small segment to honour her life and work. Yet the story of her troubled final years have not been addressed - at least, not outside of the tabloid circuit.

American avant garde artist Diamanda Galas has penned a provocative piece on the life and final years of Whitney Houston. Published on Facebook, the article dissects the way her personal troubles were seemingly packaged and sold by those around her.

Opening the piece, Diamanda Galas wrote: "I mourn the death of Whitney Houston, whom I adored. Her incomparable voice, which influenced almost every R&B and pop singer worldwide, her stage presence, which no one can touch, and her beauty, tough and sweet, moved me. Whitney ... Whitney ... was put back onstage before she was ready to perform - by the colossal pig Clive Davis - who continued his party in the same hotel where she died and where her body still lay. Heresy."

Analysing the manner in which Whitney Houston continued to perform despite her ravaged voice, Diamanda Galas lashed out at Clive Davis: "Mr. Davis thought nothing of keeping her up onstage while she received humiliating reviews and she represented DOPEFIEND LOSER of THE WAR ON DRUGS. He probably said, "Ignore those jealous fools, dear; the more you sing, the more you'll begin to really sing." Pure entertainment for the folks that know better."

Finishing, Diamanda Galas wrote:

- - -

I feel deep sorrow for Whitney. I feel no sorrow for anyone else other than her family and those who still loved her.

And a deep loathing for those who ran her into the ground. Sure, one was Bobby Brown, but he is a common idiot.
The bigger picture?

Think a minute.

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