New album in the can

Dexys Midnight Runners have completed work on a new studio album, their first in over 25 years.

More than thirty years after he first stepped into a recording studio, Kevin Rowland remains a genuine, bona fide genius. Recently putting together a new version of Dexys Midnight Runners, the group confirmed via their Facebook page that new material was a possibility.

Now it seems that the band have completed work on their first album in over 25 years. "Listening back to the mixes. So far, so good" read one update, before the band wrote: "A few tweaks and it should be there".

A statement on Friday read simply: "Dexys new album "One Day I'm Going To Soar" will be released June 4th 2012".

Dexys Midnight Runners then posted a short clip, which apparently contains the first two minutes of 'One Day I'm Going To Soar'. Listen to the clip below:

- - -

As if that wasn't enough to get fans excited, Dexys Midnight Runners are now hinting at a possible tour. In one Facebook posting the band wrote: "We spent yesterday afternoon checking out venues - trying to find the right place for us to put on our live show".

Photo Credit: Chiko Ohayon

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