'Shimmer Gold' drops on March 17th...

Funny how these things change.

Just a few decades ago, East London was a by-word in working class culture, with its endless, swarming streets spawning everything from the first Trade Unions to the Mod movement.

The past few years, though, has seen this flipped on its head. East London has been gentrified and, as traditional communities move out, new media types are moving in.

Dexters though, hark back to East London's past. Five street urchins, the band's spiky, electric indie has won them a dogged cult following in the capital.

Working with re-vitalised imprint Acid Jazz, debut album 'Shimmer Gold' arrives on March 17th.

Before then, though, the band have released 'Recover' as a single - check it out below.

'Shimmer Gold' is set to be released on March 17th.

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