Alex Salmond look out...

Devo singer Gerald Casale has given his opinion on 'Devo max' - a potential political future outlined for the Scottish parliament.

Devo - short for devolution. Right now, the debate over the future of the United Kingdom is making 'devo' a buzz word, with some commentators proposing that the Scottish parliament be offered a 'devo max' deal.

In a move of wonderful lateral thinking, Radio 4 presenter Colin Paterson asked Devo singer Gerard Casale his opinion on the term 'devo max'.

His response? “Devo max certainly sounds like a nice marketing term. It sounds positive like maxi pads, like it’s really gonna take care of all the dripping and goo, it’ll clean that up — devo max. And I understand what it’s about is having political independence without really having full independence, having control over your local economic destiny. And decision making, somewhat like our states in the US where they have autonomy over a number of things, but they belong to the United States of America, which are not so united."

“It seems that devo max offers offers you that chance to feel free, where your cage got bigger and maybe you can’t see the bars when you travel. It’s the perfect compromise in a modern corporate world."

“You can watch what’s going on around the world both economically and environmentally with resources, were reaching that critical point with 7bn people on the planet, there’s big problems, just about allocating resources and feeding this parasitic organism that’s taken over the planet known as human beings.”

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