Electro legends return

One of the biggest groups in the history of British electronic music are set to return, with Depeche Mode announcing details of their new album.

Formed in the London overspill of Basildon in the early 80s, Depeche Mode eventually became one of the biggest groups of the decade. From their early New Romantic hits to their later industrial inspired direction, Depeche Mode were reviled by critics but sold albums by the bucketload, capable of playing huge stadiums in America.

The band were also hugely influential. Early techno innovators such as Derrick May and Juan Atkins doffed their cap to the group, arguing that their twelve inch mixes were amongst the most forward thinking of the era.

Depeche Mode are set to return with new album 'Sounds Of The Universe' on April 20th. The group's 12th studio album, the album was produced by Ben Hillier and is said to be an eclectic affair that nonetheless doesn't stray too far from the group's trademark sound.

Depeche Mode release new album 'Sounds Of The Universe' on April 20th. Tracklisting is as follows:

In Chains
Hole To Feed
Fragile Tension
Little Soul
In Sympathy
Come Back
Miles Away / The Truth Is


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