Peter, Bjorn & John grab slot

Peter, Bjorn & John have been confirmed as the main tour support for Depeche Mode's massive American stadium tour.

We don't know what surprised us more - the fact that Depeche Mode are still massive the States or that Peter, Bjorn & John have been chosen to support the electro filth merchants.

Emerging from Basildon in the early 80s, Depeche Mode outlived their New Romantic peers to become one of the world's biggest pop acts. A later move towards rock and industrial sounds helped, producing such massive hits a 'Personal Jesus'.

Still a hugely successful group, Depeche Mode are rumoured to be joining the bill for this year's touring festival Lollapalooza.

Peter, Bjorn & John will join the group's world tour when it hits the States. New album 'Living Thing' is due out on March 30th, and will be the group's official follow up to the hugely successful album 'Writer's Block'.

The band are to celebrate the release of the album in the US with a massive tour there, meaning that they'll be traversing North America for a good three months or so.

Eyebrows were raised when news filtered through that the trio had grabbed the support slot, with Eastern European audiences getting a dose of electro filth courtesy of Ladytron.

Peter, Bjorn And John are to be the official tour support on Depeche Mode's North American dates.

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