R.E.M. star on new album

R.E.M. guitarist Peter Buck is set to appear on the new album from American collective The Decemberists.

R.E.M. are taking a well earned rest after a lengthy tour. The band hit the road across 2008 and 2009, playing a politically motivated set at Republican George W Bush was removed from the White House.

However Peter Buck doesn't seem keen to rest. The guitarist is due to appear on the forthcoming album from The Decemberists, adding his trademark jangly guitar to their folk driven epics.

The band are currently holed up in Portland, Oregon where they are working on new material. So far Peter Buck has been invited to play on three songs, with REM HQ reporting that the album is slated to appear next February.

The Decemberists, though, are renowned as being sonic perfectionists and have so far refused to set to release date. Speaking on Twitter, The Decemberists' Colin Melloy revealed the secret behind the R.E.M. star's guitar playing.

"The secret to Peter Buck's inimitable 12-string guitar playing? He uses fingernails of ancient mummified monarch children for picks," he claimed.

Meanwhile, Peter Buck has formed a new group with Snow Patrol star Tired Pony. The pair have been joined by an all star cast for their debut album, which is a surprisingly sprightly affair.

Due for release this summer, Tired Pony's debut album will be followed by a one off London show. Taking place in The Forum venue, the July 14th show will see the band unveil material from their new album.

Tired Pony will play the following show:

14 London Forum

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