'Guillotine' gets re-worked...
Death Grips

English composer Gareth Malone has helmed a new, entirely choral, version of Death Grips' 'Guillotine'.

Death Grips often appear to exist in a universe of their own, too brutal and uncompromising to fit in alongside what could loosely be termed the mainstream. But that doesn't mean that the group don't have fellow travellers in other genres, that their music is somehow cut off from other areas of artistic endeavour.

Renowned choral composer Gareth Malone was inspired by Death Grips' work, and recently attempted to piece together his own arrangement of 'Ex-Military' highlight 'Guillotine'.

Launching his new choir Voices, Malone recruited David Kosten to produce the track. Commenting on the cover, the composer said: "In choosing music to record for this choir, David Kosten and I asked ourselves the question: 'what is the unlikeliest piece of music for a choir to sing?'"

Malone continued: "David suggested Death Grips’ track ‘Guillotine’ and we wondered if we could pull it off. The result is, I think, a choir sounding very different from how you’d expect and yet it’s still distinctly a British Choral sound."

Posted online a few moments ago (via Classic FM) the results are... remarkable. Sure, it's a world away from hip hop and an all male choir can't quite re-create the visceral intensity of 'Ex-Military' but it's a subtle, at times quite beautiful, arrangement which flips Death Grips on their head.

Listen to it below.

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