After ten years of debauchery...
Death Disco

Glasgow institution Death Disco is set to end this December after ten years of debauchery.

Ten years can make a hell of a difference. When Death Disco kicked off in 2002, the musical landscape wasn't geared towards electronic music: techno was going minimal, guitars were out in force and there seemed to be a distinct lack of glamour, of sheer unadulterated fun on the dancefloor.

Located in the Arches, Death Disco helped fuel the electro house boom in Scotland and brought countless global names to Glasgow. A rite of passage for a generation, the monthly institution is set to draw to a close in December.

Preparing for the final countdown, Death Disco have organised two massive parties. On November 24th, Crookers - themselves nearing the end of their career - will hit the Arches before Jacques Lu Cont heads to Glasgow on December 7th.

Niall Walker, one of the founders of Death Disco, had the following to say: "When Death Disco began in 2002 it was one of the only club nights playing electro. Today you can hear electro in most clubs across Glasgow, any night of the week. So these days for Death Disco to stand out we have to have the biggest, hottest names on the bill and unfortunately those DJs just aren't available every month of the year. So we've decided to bring it to a close with some very fond memories."

Tickets for both nights are on sale now.

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