'Mind Altar' out now!

Detroit based producer Deastro has spoken exclusively to ClashMusic about his new EP 'Mind Altar'.

Deasto emerged last year with their debut album 'Moondagger'. The work of a prodigious young talent, the album blended psychedelic pop with an array of samples and electronic influences.

Touring widely, it seems that Deastro had more material up their sleeves. Out this week, new EP 'Mind Altar' is a worthy follow up to their celebrated debut, much more than mere offcuts from the 'Moondagger' sessions.

Speaking to ClashMusic, Deastro explained that the material has its origins in a tumultuous summer. "I was just writing a ton of music cause I was in a good mood" claimed producer Randolph Chabot.

"It was summer. I was making a ton of new friends, going to my friend Klair's house on Mondays for this vegan brunch. Me and Adam, my good friend, would just drink 40's in a kiddie pool in front of her house. We did weird shit all summer. My mind was a puddle of neon green ooze."

Continuing, the Deastro producer revealed the sometimes painful origins of his early material. "There was a time that I thought I lost everything, but I think I am just immature. We have everything. We just lock it away to make some money off it or to control it. The only thing we don't have is control."

"I am just trying to stop acting like I have any of the answers. Everything is fluid and in the moment - improvised. I don't think 'Mind Altar' sounds like anything we are working on now. It was just the result of first wave of dust to hit my ears."

Deastro's 'Mind Altar' EP is out now.

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