Australian tour ends on sour note

deadmau5 has been punched by an Australian DJ after criticising the music at a party he was attending.

Deadmau5 remains a controversial figure in dance music. Real name Joel Zimmerman, the producer's rise to fame has been sudden and widespread turning him into a superstar DJ in the process.

Packing in massive crowds, naysayers claim that the producer is simply re-hashing other DJs ideas. Capable of selling out clubs across the globe, an Australian tour by Deadmau5 ended on a sour note.

Playing a gig in Creamfields Brisbane, the DJ opted to continue the event at an after party. Taking place at the city's Birdees venue Deadmau5 was apparently not happy with the choice of music.

Tweeting to fans, the Canadian producer said: "Thank god for creamfeilds tonight, coz the music at the afterrparty is fucking god awful."

Annoyed by the barrage of beats, Deadmau5 approached the DJ booth where he took issue with the selection. One punch to the face later, the Canadian producer had opted to return to his seat (and Twitter).

"birdee nightclub in Brisbane… opening DJ came at me later in the night and decided to punch me in the back of the head. #mistake"

Eventually, Deadmau5 simply left the club. "well the opening “dj” at the club decided to have a go at me. So fuck him and fuck that club. I left."

The Canadian producer recently sold one of his trademark helmets online as part of an auction for the Japanese Red Cross. Also in the auction was a car donated by Daft Punk - so you could drive in Daft Punk's car while dressed as Deadmau5!

Sadly, the auction is now closed.

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