'In Your Nature' gets re-worked

Zola Jesus has unveiled a new remix of 'In Your Nature' remixed by none other than David Lynch.

Zola Jesus don't normally commission remixes. Frequently asked why, Nika Roza Danilova has always dismissed the idea as being redundant.

Yet when David Lynch asked to re-work her music, the American artist found the offer impossible to refuse. Handed the stems for 'In Your Nature' the famed director hooked up with engineer Dean Hurley to apply their own stamp.

The remix will be available from February 21st in the United States, and will appear as part of the larger 'In Your Nature' single package. As a special preview, Sacred Bones are offering the David Lynch remix as a stream:

Zola Jesus - In Your Nature (David Lynch Remix) by sacredbones

- - -

Speaking to Pitchfork, Nika Roza Danilova revealed her thoughts on the whole affair. "I feel like reinterpreting something can remove its context. But when David Lynch asks to remix your song, you let him."

Finally, Sacred Bones are set to seal the relationship by re-issuing the soundtrack to 'Eraserhead'. (via DoneWaiting) Arguably the film that launched David Lynch's reputation, it will be given a Stateside physical pressing later in the year.

Zola Jesus is set to release 'In Your Nature' on February 21st in the United States - no word as yet on a British pressing.

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