It's a Sunday morning coalition...

HAIM and David Cameron appear to have struck up an unlikely friendship following an appearance on The Andrew Marr Show.

David Cameron hasn’t had much luck when it comes to music. The Conservative Prime Minister was vocal in his admiration in The Smiths, sparking a ‘cease and desist’ demand from both Morrissey and Marr.

However HAIM seem more receptive to his charms. The pair were guests on Sunday morning politics program The Andrew Marr Show earlier today (September 29th) and appear to have struck up an unlikely alliance.

Chatting backstage, HAIM dedicated their performance of ‘The Wire’ to the politician, with bass player Este saying at the end: "That was for you DC, it's all about you."

HAIM had previously tweeted, stating: “"About to be on ?#marrshow? on bbc1! Este's about to talk to the Prime Minister... Oh no."

For his part, David Cameron told his Twitter followers: “"Great to meet @HAIMtheband on Marr - looking forward to listening to the album they gave me."

Check out the official video for ‘The Wire’ below.

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