But he wouldn't buy a ticket...
First Aid Kit

Sure, it's hypocritical.

After all, journalists get into gigs for free all the time, but there's something about this next news story which irks the Clash team.

Speaking to the Mail On Sunday, Prime Minister David Cameron opened up about his music tastes. Previously extolling the virtues of Mumford & Sons, the politician has now discovered the delights of golden-hued Scandinavian folk duo First Aid Kit.

As he readily admits: "I’ve got into a bit of a countryish thing."

Well, that's one word for it. Intriguingly, David Cameron recently went to see First Aid Kit at the Shepherd's Bush Empire venue in West London - yet he didn't pay.

"There’s quite a good way of sneaking in there" he admitted. So does David Cameron sneak into venues without paying? Hell, that makes politicians worse than journalists, in our book...

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