It's called 'Old Fears'
David Brewis

Field Music mainstay David Brewis is preparing a new album under his School Of Language moniker.

One of the country's most inventive, idiosyncratic songwriters, David Brewis has helped power Field Music for more than a decade.

However the songwriter has also indulged in other projects, including his solo alter ego School Of Language. Recently heading back into the studio, School Of Language is set to return later this year.

New album 'Old Fears' will be released on April 7th, with long time home Memphis Industries once again taking good care of the project.

Lead track 'Between The Suburbs' is online now, and it's a typically astute, deeply skewed piece of songwriting. Developing his own distinct style, it seems that David Brewis can only ever be David Brewis - and for that we thank him...

'Old Fears' will be released on April 7th. Tracklisting:

Distance Between
A Smile Cracks
Suits Us Better
Between The Suburbs
Old Fears
Dress Up
Moment of Doubt
Small Words
So Much Time
You Kept Yourself

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