'Bowie" Object' offers insight into singer

David Bowie is set to publish new book 'Bowie: Object' offering an unusual insight into his life.

David Bowie remains one of pop's most unknowable figures. Shifting through images like a chameleon, his musical leaps have turned him into a hugely influential figure. Yet despite four decades of success the English artist retains a sense of invisibility.

Remaining on the sidelines since 2004, David Bowie endured a period of ill health. Now ready to begin work again, the singer has decided to complete an unusual new book offering insight into his life.

'Bowie: Object' is a typically obtuse offering from the singer. Instead of the usual set of memoirs, David Bowie has opted to collect 100 items which offer some kind of insight into his life.

David Bowie began his musical career as a saxophone player, working on the R&B scene. Later crafting psych-pop nuggets the singer re-invented himself in the glam era to become a hugely provocative star.

The book was announced on his official website, and will mix rare and unseen images with text written by the singer. No release date has been confirmed, although it is thought that the book will hit the shelves before Christmas.

A short statement confirmed that publishers Barnbrook will handle the release, with David Bowie completing the "insightful, witty and personal" text. Reports on Publishers Weekly confirmed that 'Bowie: Object' will be the first in a series from the singer.

It is not known how long the series will run for, or if each instalment will focus on a different period in the singer's life. ClashMusic imagines that a 'Berlin Trilogy' instalment would be in demand, whereas coverage of 'Tin Machine' may languish on the shelf.

Meanwhile, War Child have announced details of a David Bowie tribute album. The songwriter's classic tracks will be covered by Duran Duran, War Paint and more for the compilation which is due to be released later this year.

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