'Where Are We Now?' granted chart status
David Bowie

David Bowie's new track 'Where Are We Now?' has cracked the Top Ten in its first week of release.

Returning with a typically unique sense of style, grace and intelligence, David Bowie broke his silence last week. Preparing new album 'The Next Day' the iconic artist is set to look back on his Berlin period for a new vein of inspiration.

Due to be released in March, new track 'Where Are We Now?' was made immediately available. Confusion over the structure of pre-orders meant that the Official Chart Company initially ruled it out of the countdown, stating: “Owing to chart rules which are agreed in partnership with UK record companies and retailers, data relating to the David Bowie single 'Where Are We Now' cannot currently be counted towards the official singles charts, as the release is linked to an album pre-order promotion and it is not possible to distinguish album sales from track sales from the retail data received. Should it become possible in the future for regular track sales to be distinguished from album pre-order incentive purchases, then these sales can be counted towards the chart.”

However the Official Chart Company later relented, placing David Bowie in the charts. Such was the excitement around his return, fans propelled back to the Top Ten with 'Where Are We Now?' currently lingering at number six.

The single is Bowie's first Top Ten hit in two decades, and comes thirty years after his last number one single 'Let's Dance'.

Watch the video for 'Where Are We Now?' below.

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'The Next Day' is set to be released in March.


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