Download 'Timeaway' now

Darkstar have made new track 'Timeaway' available as a free download in order to toast their deal with Warp Records.

Darkstar are shifting, changing, evolving once more. Retreating to their studio, the group have been stockpiling new material, experimenting with fresh sounds textures. Now - officially - at home on Warp Records, the band are breaking cover with a free download.

Timeaway' is available now, and will become their first release on Warp when the label presses up a 12 inch on November 12th. Set to be available on vinyl, the track will come equipped with 10 locked-groove loops 'News #1-10'.

Here's what Darkstar have to say about 'Timeaway' - “’Timeaway’ feels like a good starting point to releasing music again, it’s very much us looking forward. It’s off-kilter, processed and bubbles and moves right through”. Stream 'Timeaway' below. Download it HERE.

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'Timeaway' is set to be released on November 12th.


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