'News From Nowhere' due on February 4th

Darkstar are set to release their new album 'News From Nowhere' through Warp on February 4th.

An entrancing, forward thinking collective Darkstar add a crushing bass weight to the synth pop template. Experimenting with new sounds, the band's Hyperdub endorsed full length 'North' won hearts and minds on its release in 2010.

Signing with Warp earlier this year, the band kicked off sessions on a follow up. Now Darkstar have decided to push forward, with eagerly awaited new album 'News From Nowhere' set to drop on February 4th.

Here's a quote from Darkstar to explain more: “This is a totally different record to North. It’s somewhat brighter in mood, but deeper in feeling and intention…it’s much more rhythmic and fluid. It moves quicker.”

Produced by Richard Formby, the album seemingly shifts between archive prog and avant techno, with plenty of bass for good measure.

Here's teaser track 'Timeaway'.

- - -

Darkstar are set to release 'News From Nowhere' on February 4th.


1. Light Body Clock Starter
2. Timeaway
3. Armonica
4. -
5. A Day's Pay For A Day's Work
6. Young Heart's
7. Amplified Ease
8. You Don't Need A Weatherman
9. Bed Music - North View
10. Hold Me Down

Meanwhile, the group have also lined up the following shows:

2 Leeds Wharf Chambers
3 Glasgow Broadcast
4 Manchester Soup Kitchen
9 London Electrowerkz

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Photo Credit: Harley Weir


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