'Drone Logic' due on October 7th
Drone Logic

Daniel Avery has confirmed plans for debut album 'Drone Logic' - due for release on October 7th.

A resident at Fabric, Daniel Avery's sets display a cultured taste which refuses to admit boundaries. If something rare's then it might get played, while equally if something's easy to get hold of it could well find its way into his set - quality is the only discernible factor.

After years spent tinkering in his home studio, the London based artist unveiled a few tracks last year. Displaying the same Future-minded commitment which runs through his DJ sets, Daniel Avery soon commenced a partnership with Erol Alkan's ever-vital Phantasy Sound imprint.

Now the producer has outlined plans for his debut album. 'Drone Logic' will be released on October 7th, with the title track finding its way online last night (August 4th).

Essentially, this is techno music but utilising elements you might not normally associate with the genre. The spoken word sample, for instance, feels as if it is torn from continental cinema while the beats themselves linger on the Industrial tones of, say, Factory Floor.

Listen to it below.

'Drone Logic' is set to be released on October 7th. Tracklisting:

1. Water Jump
2. Free Floating
3. Drone Logic
4. These Nights Never End
5. Naïve Response
6. Platform Zero
7. Need Electric
8. All I Need
9. Spring 27
10. Simulrec
11. New Energy (Live Through It)
12. Knowing We’ll Be Here

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