'Oh Fortune' due on December 5th

Canadian songwriter Dan Mangan is set to release his new album 'Oh Fortune' on December 5th.

Revered in his homeland, Vancouver based songwriter Dan Mangan has struggled to build a following outside of Canada. However recent album 'Nice, Nice, Very Nice' began to win critical acclaim from outside of the expected quarters.

Easy on the ear, Dan Mangan mixed witty songwriting with a breezy folk instrumentation. With songs pouring out of him, the Canadian songwriter has decided on a quick return - albeit not one that new fans might expect.

A meditational, melancholic return 'Oh Fortune' is set to be released through City Slang this December. Out on December 5th, Dan Mangan's material is matched by experimental orchestration.

Seattle arranger Eyvind Kang built up walls of sound, surrounding Dan Magnan's voice in dense musicality. Fancy a preview? Oh go on... 'Post War Blues' is available as a stream / download below...

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Introducing the record, Dan Magnan supplied an illusive quote. “The last record did far more than I or anyone else thought it would… I felt like we stumbled by accident onto something that people liked. I feel now that if we tried to recreate something that already worked, I wouldn’t like it… and then they wouldn’t like it either it has to be sincere, and relevant, and whatever we’re feeling right now.”

'Oh Fortune' is set to be released on December 5th.

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