Listen: New material from French group

New material from French electro titans Daft Punk may have leaked onto the internet.

Daft Punk are simply one of the most iconic dance acts of all time. Over the course of three albums the masked duo took underground techno and house, blending it with the synth pop of their 80s youth.

Famously secretive, Daft Punk have not released any new material since 'Human After All' in 2003. Showcasing a lavish tour, the band took time off before agreeing to work on the soundtrack to the forthcoming 'Tron' re-make.

Now a track from the soundtrack to 'Tron Legacy' appears to have leaked online. Emerging via a fan's site the song 'Fragile' hints at the original 80s score while throwing down some dancefloor shapes.

If true, the track would indicate that the forthcoming double album drawn from the soundtrack could be something very special indeed. Speaking to MTV director Joseph Kosinski revealed the reasoning behind getting Daft Punk to craft the soundtrack to 'Tron Legacy'.

"I felt it was important, just as the first film was so forward-thinking visually and Wendy Carlos’ music was so innovative, I felt we had to do the same thing here" he explained. "So rather than going with a traditional film composer, I wanted to try something fresh and different."

After meeting Daft Punk the director realised the Parisian duo were the right choice for the film. "The more we talked, we realized that creatively, we were totally synced up" he revealed. "I’ve been working on it with them for over a year and a half. I don’t know of a movie where you’re working on the soundtrack months before you start filming. The level of integration between the music and the film is incredibly strong."

'Tron Legacy' is set to be released later this year.

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