'Random Access Memories' is almost here...
Daft Punk

Daft Punk are set to premiere 'Random Access Memories' in a small Australian town.

Unless you've had your internet severed and been living in a remote cottage in the countryside for the past six months, you'll realise that Daft Punk's new album is fast approaching.

'Random Access Memories' is being billed as An Event, with enormous placards being placed in important cities around the world. And Wee Waa.

Not heard of it? It's a small Australian town which has unwittingly found itself at the centre of global attention. As FACT report, Wee Waa is set to host the worldwide premiere of 'Random Access Memories'. Australia’s Herald Sun claims that the global launch for the album will be held at the Wee Waa Show - an annual farming event in the nation's cotton capital.

Granted, this sounds like a late April Fool's but until the denials come in... Meanwhile, The Creator's Project have been chatting to some of the collaborators from the new album.

Check out their interview with Todd Edwards below.


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