'Random Access Memories' fast approaching...
Daft Punk

In a rowdy weekend Daft Punk previewed new track 'Get Lucky' and gave their first interview ahead of 'Random Access Memories'.

Daft Punk's comeback has been almost perfectly executed. Hype has been built, magnified, retained with fans across the world gorging on every tiny morsel of information to emanate from the French duo.

The weekend brought some rather chunkier revelations. Daft Punk handed a clip of new track 'Get Lucky' to the organisers of Coachella, with the two minute video being broadcast at the Californian event.

Placed online, you can watch it below.

- - -

Elsewhere, Daft Punk have given a lengthy interview to Rolling Stone. The French duo revealed that they don't anticipate to be touring any time soon, but they could well be set to appear on Kanye West's new album for a track which will boast a Chris Cunningham directed video.

“Kanye doesn’t give a fuck,” Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo said. “He’s a good friend.”

Read the full feature HERE.


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