First preview of their new album...

CYMBALS have shared new track 'Erosion' - listen to it now.

A deeply independent phenomenon, CYMBALS recently allowed a guest producer into their inner circle. New album 'The Age Of Fracture' was produced by Dreamtrak, with sessions taking place in Hackney across the past 12 months.

Out on January 27th, the material finds CYMBALS pushing themselves further and further. Deeply literate, there's a fantastical, poetic side to 'The Age Of Fracture' which interlocks beautifully with their debut.

New cut 'Erosion' is now online, and it's a whimsical, slightly psychedelic introduction. Powered by kinetic, Neu! flavoured rhythms, 'Erosion' is all fluorescent synths and melodies which seem to crisp at the edges.

Listen to it now.

'The Age Of Fracture' is set to be released on January 27th. Introducing the album, CYMBALS have posted the following poem:

It's about the fracture of ideas

And in the brain, running between action and desire

About dancing and wanting and the heart

About the city, and working every day

About manipulation and complicity 

About love, dropping into this mess like a dead weight, splitting through the floors

It's fragmented

There is no concept

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