With a spoken word piece...

CYMBALS have introduced new album 'The Age Of Fracture' with a spoken word piece.

CYMBALS like to tease apart pop music, pulling it to pieces in a layer by layer fashion. Last year's EP 'Sideways, Sometimes' found the band truly finding their own voice, sparking a series of very special live shows.

Heading back into the studio, the London outfit have seemingly completed work on their new album. 'The Age Of Fracture' will be released on January 27th, and CYMBALS have posted an intriguing new clip by way of a preview.

Featuring a poem and reading by Joe Dunthorne, the video itself is directed by Matthew Reed.

Check it out below:

CYMBALS are set to release their new album 'The Age Of Fracture' on January 27th.

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