In time for 'Record Store Day'

Canadian chiptune terrorists Crystal Castles have confirmed details of a new limited edition single.

Crystal Castles exploded onto the music scene with their track 'Alice Practice'. Allegedly a mic check for singer Alice Glass, the track's squealing synths and glass shattering vocals became an immediate talking point.

Somehow a line had been drawn in the sand. When it came to Crystal Castles, you were either for them or against them with few people caught in between.

Live, the band caused outrage with their behaviour often taunting audiences to the point of violence. A chaotic mixture of sight and sound, Crystal Castles took time off last year to work on new material.

Leaving the world a much quieter place, Crystal Castles are due to return with their new single 'Doe Deer' on April 17th. Clocking in at just one minute 37 seconds, the track is exact to the point of brevity.

'Doe Deer' will feature as the lead track on the new EP, which also contains three older tracks: 'Mother Knows Best', 'Insectica' and 'Seed'.

Limited to just 500 copies, the new EP will be released as part of 'Record Store Day'. A celebration of the dusty vinyl den at the corner of a lonely street, Crystal Castles join a varied cast in this year's festivities.

Crystal Castles are set to release 'Doe Deer' on April 17th. A full length album is set to follow this summer.

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