Full details confirmed

Creamfields organisers have posted the full information for ticket holders seeking a refund.

Ending in a sea of mud and dirty water, Creamfields organisers opted to call off this year's event close to the half way mark due to mounting fears over safety.

More than two weeks of rain fell in one night, rendering some spaces of the site impassable. Taking time to gather all relevant information, Creamfields decided to delay any decision on ticket refunds until all parties had been contacted.

This afternoon, Creamfields organisers took the decision to post all relevant refund information. A statement from the festival reads:

"Firstly we’d like to apologise for the delay in getting these details to you, we do understand your frustration however, there are several parties involved and it’s taken a little longer than anticipated to pull all this information together, rest assured this has been a top priority for us. As promised a refund will be issued on all Sunday Day Tickets and part refund issued on all camping tickets scanned on entry for all those who have purchased through one of our official ticket agents (either online or by telephone)".

Here is the full breakdown of refunds:

Ticket Type Original price paid Refund Amount
Earlybird 2 day Camping 100.00 50.00
Earlybird 3 day Camping 120.00 50.00
Standard 2 Day Camping 115.00 57.50
Standard 3 Day Camping 135.00 57.50
Standard 2 Day Camping 125.00 62.50
Standard 3 Day Camping 145.00 62.50
Standard 2 Day Camping 135.00 67.50
Hospitality 2 day Camping 220.00 110.00
Hospitality 3 day Camping 250.00 110.00
2 day non Camping 115.00 57.50
2 day non Camping 125.00 62.50
Sunday Standard 60.00 60.00
Sunday Standard 65.00 65.00
Sunday Hospitality 110.00 110.00

Further enquiries should be addressed to: info@cream.co.uk

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