As the fall out continues...

Creamfields have issued a follow up statement following the decision to abandon the weekend's event.

The British festival season's annus miserablis continues apace. Heavy rain swept through Reading and Leeds at the weekend, but the weather had its biggest impact at Creamfields.

Sadly, the conditions at Creamfields got so desperate that organisers took the decision to call off the dance weekender. Disappointed fans made their way from the site, with social networks buzzing with theories, counter theories and speculation.

Now Creamfields organisers have posted a detailed timeline of the weekend's events, outlining the process which lay behind the decision to call off the festival.

In part, the statement reads:

"Once again the safety and welfare of all those on the campsites was paramount and we are sorry that it took some time before information was relased to those, but this was necessary so a controlled exit from the festival could be put in place. If these systems had not been implemented it was highly probable that a very large number of people would attempt to exit the site before a revised transport plan could be put in place."

"Once it became clear that we had a potential show stop we announced that day ticket holders should not travel to Daresbury as this would compound an already dangerous situation."

Full refund information is due to be released tomorrow (August 29th). Read the full posting HERE.

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