But there is one on the way...

Creamfields have delayed announcing a decision on potential refunds for this year's event.

Poor ol' Creamfields. The dance event has risen to become one of the summer's most prominent festivals, gathering a crowd pleasing bill year on year.

Sadly, though, the latest instalment didn't quite go to plan. A record breaking deluge saw around two weeks' worth of rain fall in just a single 24 hour period, causing widespread flooding across the site.

Forced to shut down on its final day, Creamfields promised to release full refund details yesterday (August 29th). Sadly, the complexity of the process means that organisers have been un-able to do so, although a full decision is on the way.

A statement from Creamfields:

- - -

For those people waiting to hear back regarding refunds, we apologise that we’ve not been able to release any further information on this as yet. We are pulling all the information together as fast as we can but its taking a little longer than anticipated – there are several parties involved in this process and we need to ensure we have all the details needed. Rest assured this is a top priority for us and we will come back to you as soon as possible, please bear with us.

- - -

More news as soon as it comes in.

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