Found at Kurt Cobain's death scene...
Courtney Love

Breezing back into public life, Courtney Love's return has once more divided opinion.

With appalling timing, Seattle police recently released a note found in Kurt Cobain's wallet at his death scene. Labelling Courtney Love a "bitch with zits" the note was immediately leaped upon by conspiracy theorists who hold that Love was involved in her husband's death.

Now Courtney Love has explained that she wrote the note, as a caustic joke between two lovers. Speaking to The Guardian, the singer said: "Obviously I wrote it – don't you guys understand sarcasm?" Referring to those who follow the conspiracy theories, Courtney Love also rounded on the media: "It endangers me, and it endangers (Love's reclusive daughter) Frances."

The note was also promoted by Hank Harrison, Love's estranged father who is promoting his new book. "I try to avoid (Harrison) at all costs, but I saw his comments in the Daily Mail. He said: 'She's a sociopath, like me.' So you're admitting to the media that you're a sociopath? If I was his PR guy I'd be like: 'Shut the fuck up already.'"

Find the full piece HERE.

Check out Courtney Love's 'You Know My Name' below.

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