Grunge icon not happy...

Courtney Love has seemingly blasted the Muppets, after they recorded a Nirvana cover version.

'Smells Like Teen Spirit' is - just like 'Imagine' or 'My Way' - a song which entirely transcends its creators. A track which forms the foundation of alt rock as we know it, 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' has been covered by countless thousand bands across the globe.

And now the Muppets are at it. In their latest movie venture, the puppet troupe decided to record their own version of the classic, era-defining Nirvana single - to the horror of Courtney Love.

According to TMZ the Hole front-woman has accused the Muppets of "raping" the legacy of her late husband. Courtney Love seemingly explained that she never once gave Primary Wave Music permission to use the song.

As TMZ points out, though, Courtney Love sold a controlling stake in the Nirvana back catalogue to Primary Wave Music. Furthermore, it is thought that both Davie Grohl and Krist Novoselic gave their permission for the song to be used.

The Muppets have thus far declined to comment on the row.

The blast is the latest bizarre turn of events from the Courtney Love camp. The singer is said to be working on a 'tell all' book about her relationship with Kurt Cobain, which will also touch on other areas of her life.

Recently, the singer's relationship with her daughter Frances Bean Cobain has become strained. Frances Bean took out a restraining order against her mother, alleging that Courtney Love killed her pet cat.

For her part, Courtney Love insists that a mountain lion ate the unfortunate animal. The case is ongoing.

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