On-off row could be... off!
Courtney Love

The final years of Nirvana were often fraught.

Kurt Cobain's marriage to Courtney Love introduced a new personal dynamic, with the Hole singer not averse to speaking her mind.

Love particularly clashed with drummer Dave Grohl, and any friendship between the two has been largely absent for some time.

However that could be about to change. The pair embraced at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame during Nirvana's emotional induction, and now Courtney Love has given another indication that reconciliation is due.

Approached at Cannes Lions 2014 by a reporter bearing a picture of Dave Grohl, with Courtney Love replying: "It's time to make amends".

Cannes seems to have been time of reflection for the singer, who also indicated that a return to acting could be on the cards. "I passed on a lot of stuff, I didn't have really good guidance and now I'm going to be 50 and I love rock n roll and I love playing rock n roll but I want to go back to acting," she said, before adding: "you have to be so bloody pro-active to get a great agent."


(via NME)

Here's 'Malibu'.

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