Rick Rubin certainly seems to think so...

Rick Rubin has revealed that Kanye West could potentially release a sequel to 'Yeezus'.

One of the year's biggest releases, 'Yeezus' finds Kanye West in powerful, strutting form (Clash review HERE). Boasting a cavalcade of guests, the album has a visceral, direct feel which belies the convoluted nature of the sessions which produced it.

Lost in a myriad of ideas, the rapper drafted in Rick Rubin to help provide focus. Speaking to the Daily Beast recently, the producer explained that 'Yeezus' could easily have wound up being twice its current length.

"Initially, he thought there were going to be 16 songs on the album" he said. "But that first day, before he even asked me to work on it, I said, 'Maybe you should make it more concise. Maybe this is two albums. Maybe this is just the first half," to which Kanye excitedly said, "That's what I came here today to hear! It could be 10 songs!"

Asked if another 'Yeezus' could be in the pipeline, Rubin replied: "Might be".

The producer also outlined the incredibly tight timeframe Kanye West left himself to work with. "I assumed that the album was scheduled to come out next year.... and he said, 'It's coming out in five weeks.'"

"To me it seemed impossible what he was asking," the producer continued. "I remember I wasn't feeling that well that day, and I was thinking, Is the music making me sick? I don't feel good about this. We ended up working probably 15 days, 16 days, long hours, no days off, 15 hours a day. I was panicked the whole time."

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