New fan campaign launched...

A new campaign has been launched to get Boddika and Joy Orbison to number one.

It's that time of year again. Shops are filling up with festive fare, while all manner of talent show hopefuls and novelty acts have their eyes set on Christmas number one.

A new campaign, though, could up the apple cart. London acts DE$iGNATED and TÂCHES have kicked off a Facebook campaign to get Boddika and Joy Orbison to number one on December 25th.

Crafted by Boddika and Joy Orbison, Boddika's VIP mix of 'Mercy' is an unrelenting tech-house jam, true warehouse fare sculpted for 2013 use. In the blurb, the organisers of the campaign say:

"We know it’s a long shot, but with enough support and if we can raise enough awareness through every avenue possible, I’m sure we can succeed... I’ve heard that there’s a new band that could give us some competition called X-Factor but they sound shit anyway. Probably another boy band."

Take part HERE.

The campaign is already gathering momentum - almost 4000 people have signed, with Skream promising "give every track [he's] ever made away for free" if Boddika snatches pole position.

Stream 'Mercy VIP' below.

(via FACT)

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