Rockwell & Swank Star In True Life Drama
Sam Rockwell in 'Convicted'

On paper it sounds like a best avoided Hallmark horror, based as it is on the ‘true life story’ of a woman who put herself through Law school in order to free her brother of his wrongful murder conviction. However, throw into the mix the bravura acting talent of Clash favourite Sam Rockwell with a dash of Hilary Swank and it suddenly becomes a project of significantly more interest.

The plot is straightforward. Kenny Waters (Rockwell) is arrested for murder and sentenced to life imprisonment in 1983. Unshakeably convinced of her brothers innocence Betty Ann (Swank) amazingly puts herself through high school and then law school in a mammoth 18 year effort to exonerate him.

Enlisting the help of fellow law student Abra Rice (Minnie Driver), who subsequently becomes her best friend, we witness Betty Ann tirelessly fighting Kenny’s corner whilst bringing up a family of her own. Queue an indictment of the American legal system and the transformation of Rockwell from everyday Joe into a Mike Patton-alike beard wearing convict.

We suspect it probably won’t win prizes for subtlety but as ‘based on true events’ stories go this one looks a goodun, which may bode well for prizes of the golden statue variety.

Conviction is due for cinema release in October.


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