'On Floating Bodies' due on March 18th
Conquering Animal Sound

Conquering Animal Sound are set to release their second album 'On Floating Bodies' through Chemikal Underground on March 18th.

Poetic, illusive. Machine-like, organic. Mysterious, pop. Conquering Animal Sound emerged from a Glasgow recording studio back in 2011 clutching their debut album, and 'Kammerspiel' quickly went on to enchant anyone who encountered it.

Not that anyone figured it out. A beautifully complex work, the album matches bizarre, off kilter electronics with a fluid sense of melody that seemed to glue the disparate elements together.

Now the band have completed a follow up. Chemikal Underground are set to release Conquering Animal Sound's second album, with 'On Floating Bodies' due to emerge on March 18th.

New track 'Ultimate Heat Death Of The Universe' has emerged online. A bit like Bjork singing along to a classic Gameboy soundtrack, there's a playfulness at work here which belies Conquering Animal Sound's ferociously intelligent nature.

Listen to it now.

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'On Floating Bodies' is set to be released on March 18th.

Photo Credit: Grieg Jackson


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